It Usually Seems Like Humboldt is One Big Hustle, Going Way Back…

And this action is pure gold in a craigslist style.  The right person could totally make this work. J.B. isn’t exactly holding his breath waiting on a commission with this one, but there’s no sense letting someone else plop down first…so, if you got game and can rustle up a couple zips for Dave by Thursday, you’re looking at striking it rich by the weekend!  Get your foot in the door and not even the Corps of Engineers, Caltrans, nor the Nature Conservancy will want to get embroiled with your wily ass, your bedroll and pan.  You might have to work something out with those itinerant squatting sea lions, but there’s no rule that says they get to eat all the bullheads left in the poor old Mad.

Set up a “showing” for when you’re through with Dave and get Mathers to pick you up in Eureka and deposit you at your new digs!  If J.B. starts sniffing you too close on the way out, just ask him what McKinleyville does with their waste water.


Mad River Beach Ave, Mckinleyville, CA
Gorgeous Mad River Beach Lot!
40 acres Vacant Land
offered at $295,000
Lot Size 40 acres

Forty beautiful acres of coastal land is now for sale (zoned NR: Natural Resources). This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of the California coast. Property is located where the Mad River meets the Pacific Ocean. Contact JB Mathers at
see additional photos below

– 40 acres of coastal property
– Pristine Land in a very desirable location
– Zoned NR – Natural Resources

Plus this:

$420 Live on your own mining claim (Humboldt or Trinity)
Date: 2011-06-30, 1:20PM PDT
Reply to:
Howdy my name’s Dave . I’m in Eureka to re supply but normally im out exploring the beautiful backwoods of the Trinities . If you’ve ever thought of having your own mining claim to camp/live on I can help. I have learned all the steps necessary to stake a claim and even have proprietary software that eliminates the need to stomp through the terrain by being able to see the available claims on Google Earth . If you local or can meet me in Eureka by 7/7 before I head back to the mountains I’ll sit with you and by the end of the day you can have your own claim .
For $420 or TRADE (215,solar….)
Shoot me a message even if it’s to ask questions.

* Location: Humboldt or Trinity
* it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Equals the Humboldt Dream!

What more can I do for you?!  All that’s left is to track down the contact info on craigslist and make a little smooth talk.  This ain’t the first big caper I lined up, newblood.  You can thank the High Life when you’re sifting silt you didn’t even have to pay for, running off “clam-digging” claim-jumpers with your blunderbuss and just generally gorging yourself on one of the Wild West’s last untamed quarter-quarter sections.  Manifest your Destiny!

Humboldt’s Lamest Logos

Basically, this shit is lacking.  Don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, but we need to deal with this.  Wonder if the same person did both of these.

The speedy “J” axe is ass because that look is shit.  The direction of the streaks indicate glide, rather than throwing.  That’s dumb.  The handle to head proportion is way out of whack.  Besides, what is that–like, a hatchet?  Are we making kindling or falling giants?  Might have to accept that integrating an axe in the lettering just doesn’t work.   But, like Wang would put it to Jack Burton, it’s gotta be “nothing or double (bit).”

The “C” doesn’t look entirely like crap if it comes with the “rabs,” but all alone it’s scrawny and sickly.  This is a case of suck script style without even trying for crustacean evocation.  Looks more like a tapeworm.  Chunk that fucker up like some meaty mean pincers, man.