Humboldt’s Lamest Logos

Basically, this shit is lacking.  Don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, but we need to deal with this.  Wonder if the same person did both of these.

The speedy “J” axe is ass because that look is shit.  The direction of the streaks indicate glide, rather than throwing.  That’s dumb.  The handle to head proportion is way out of whack.  Besides, what is that–like, a hatchet?  Are we making kindling or falling giants?  Might have to accept that integrating an axe in the lettering just doesn’t work.   But, like Wang would put it to Jack Burton, it’s gotta be “nothing or double (bit).”

The “C” doesn’t look entirely like crap if it comes with the “rabs,” but all alone it’s scrawny and sickly.  This is a case of suck script style without even trying for crustacean evocation.  Looks more like a tapeworm.  Chunk that fucker up like some meaty mean pincers, man.

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