10 Men!

Could do without the homespun titles and commentary, but, whoever posted this to youtube seems to be among the first few to notice and point it out…that I’ve heard, anyway…I didn’t notice while watching the game on tv this last Sunday, nor later, while watching the video on the Raiders website a few times.  I guess they say, “hat tip” to Mike Florio–who got it from “a reader.”


12th Man!

Please pardon the lame subtitle on the video. From a blog account by Phil Barber, for The Press Democrat, after the October 18, 2009 Raiders vs. Eagles game, “He loitered around the line of scrimmage all afternoon and got his beak into several plays…The most amazing sight came when the bird flew downfield on a Raiders kickoff…right next to Michael Huff [who caught the interception for the win this last Sunday–see above]..tackle Cornell Green has a theory: ‘That’s Marquis [Cooper, Raiders linebacker and special teams player, who was lost at sea and presumed dead just over seven months earlier]…That’s the position he played.’ Another player said he spoke to Cooper’s mother after the game, and she posited the same notion.”

“…nobody hopes they’ll ever have to use…”

Me and the missus did part of our honeymoon in something like this.  Zapped GPS to our retrieval chopper to get plucked up out the Sea of Cortez and dropped in the mountains for the snow phase.  For that, you want to get one with windows and climate control, and definitely rig a curtain for the “convenience hatch” area.  Ours was a bigger “6 person” type.  An American crew are said to have come up with a similar idea a few years back, and are poised to begin selling their sheltercraft in a couple years at a much lower price point.  Really, though, who hasn’t already thought of it?

The big boy six and eight person capacity models are good and stable (not mentioning the difference with the more boat-like shapes on the market), but after a while you kinda wish you could play with something a little more nimble.  Nothing beats the old one man “hamster balls” for stunts and multi-pod sports–but, with some aftermarket customization, these roomy four person numbers look to be a comfy choice for day trips.  Storm riding, anyone?