Wild Card

Lester Hayes lays waste to Kenny Stabler for a nine yard loss in the Raiders’ 1980 Wild Card game in Oakland.  This was the first year Stabler played for the Houston Oilers after being traded by Oakland.  The Raiders became the first Wild Card team to win the Super Bowl that season.  With the most interceptions (13) in the NFL in ’80, Hayes had two this day–he nabbed one in the end zone (third quarter), and took the other for a 20 yard touchdown (the last score of the game, late in the fourth quarter) in the 27-7 Raiders triumph.  Stickum was outlawed by the NFL the next year.  I am pretty sure that demonstrating the above form of tackling on kids at football camp would not be allowed.

“Gennlemun!…So Be It.”

There’s plenty going on this Sunday with the Championship games, but let’s be sure to commemorate Lester Hayes’ birthday, too.  It’s neat he got his second Super Bowl win on his birthday in 1984.  The man taught me really how to tackle at football camp the summer before my sophomore year of high school.  It was pretty awesome being brought down by my favorite player.  Reminds me of getting took by waves that, like, scooped, gobbled and smashed me down to the ocean floor.  It must’ve sucked going up against that bump and run for an entire game.